Prevail, Inc. Staff

Susan Ferguson - Executive Director

Michelle Corrao - Assistant Director

Jessica Reynolds - Adult Advocacy Supervisor

Brittany Winebar - Youth Advocacy Supervisor

Advocates: Kierian Baker, Janet Bazzell, Stephanie Holmes-Gullans, Kelly Ferriell, Sara Flores, Kelsey Kanne, Haley Krieble, Anna Resiak, Paige Ruedisueli and Rachel Yarborough

Beth Dunlop - Administrative Assistant

Michelle Moen - Director of Operations

Natasha Robinson - Event and Marketing Coordinator 

Kelly Growden - Primary Prevention Coordinator

Leah Wills - Database & Reporting Coordinator

Prevail, Inc. Board Of Directors 

Esther Lakes - President

Paul Lips - Vice President

Cierria Schmalzried - Treasurer

Stephen Gregory - Secretary

Laura Bennett
Mike Bettner
Christi Crosser
Bob Dunlap
Ed Gebhart
Rebecca Gill
Kevin Jowitt
Steve Kotz
Kevin McGrath
Chris Owens
Darren Peck
Gwynn Perlich
Angela Robinson
Rachel Woloshin
Joyce Wood

"This experience changed my life. I've learned so much on this journey and I owe it all to Prevail. They care in ways that I have never seen before. Words can’t describe how exceptional the services are. You will find this nowhere else."