Our Mission 

Prevail Public Awareness BoothPrevail, Inc. educates and engages the community to prevent crime and abuse while helping restore the lives of those who have been affected.


Our community is safe; however, when crime and abuse occur, our response is compassionate and restorative.


  • Prevention - We believe in the power of education and awareness to prevent abuse and crime.
  • Respect - Respect starts with placing our clients first and continues with how we treat each other.
  • Empowerment - By being innovative and progressive, we model empowerment, which is critical to our clients’ success.
  • Valuable - We all have value, dignity and something positive to contribute.
  • Accountability - Each one of us is accountable for our actions—to our clients and to each other.
  • Integrity - We act in an honest, ethical manner at all times.
  • Leadership - We believe in leadership that is based on collaboration and cooperation.

Our Strategic Plan

Prevail Strategic Plan 2013-17

"I appreciate the understanding, acceptance and patience I'm shown. I appreciate being allowed to grieve and experience the full range of emotions I have while still being treated like I am okay and capable of recovering. I appreciate that I am believed about what has happened and it is not minimized. I appreciate being treated with kindness and respect, not pity or with lots of advice; more exposed to ideas, allowed to process and encouraged to act as I see fit and supported throughout the experience of it all."