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October 2020 Impact Report Highlights

Looking Back at October 2020   

March through October, Prevail supported Hamilton County Police Departments with 82 Lethality Assessments and assisted in building 4,863 Safety Plans.

What is the Lethality Assessment Protocol (or LAP)?

In partnership with Hamilton County police departments, Prevail assists victims with safety planning when they have been assessed as having a high risk of lethality using  a standardized, evidence-based tool. Working together to assist a victim, police departments and Prevail can tailor a unique response and referrals to victims in extremely dangerous situations.

The LAP assessment is based a Maryland model, used to identify victims  of intimate partner violence who are in the highest of being killed by their intimate partners.



What is Does Safety Planning?

One of the most important services Prevail provides is Safety Planning.



Prevail's October Honorees and Updates

October Hero: Jamie Davidson

October Team Member Spotlight: Leah Griffet, Adult Advocate


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