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Prevail's Spring 2022 Hero, D. Lee Buckingham II

Prevail is honored to name Hamilton County’s Prosecutor, D. Lee Buckingham II as our Spring Hero of 2022. A Prevail Hero is someone that goes above and beyond in service of individuals impacted by crime and abuse in our community.

Prevail’s mission strives to create a community that is safe and healthy for all who call Hamilton County home. In an ideal world, our community would be void of crime and abuse. This lofty goal is within our reach because it is shared by so many in the community. Prevail collaborates with many community partners who envision the same future of a safer community. A champion and frontline partner in this work is D. Lee Buckingham II.

As the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney, Lee assisted and advocated for the implementation of an evidence-based lethality assessment program that now all Hamilton County Law Enforcement agencies use in responding to domestic violence. He heads the Sexual Assault Response Team. In 2020, he identified the need and supported the creation of Hamilton County’s Domestic Violence Task Force (DVTF). He has consistently brought trauma-informed care training to his prosecutors and the DVTF. In 2021, he hired a full-time Victim Assistance Specialist on their team. These actions have improved outcomes for first responders and those working in the criminal justice system to better understand the effects of domestic violence and intimate partner homicide, enhanced collaboration across multiple agencies working to increase safety, and increased support for victim advocacy services.

Because of Lee’s dedication to this community, we are making strides to improve the way our community responds to crime and abuse. With his help, our community is moving from response to prevention, which truly makes Hamilton County a safe place to live, work, and play.

Thank you Lee! YOU are our HERO!!

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