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Dear Caring Friend,
I wanted to reach out and personally thank you for your generous support to Prevail.
Our services are free, however it takes people like you for us to continue to serve our clients.
Because of you we were able to support over 3,600 victims in 2021, and we can't thank you enough.

It's not too late for those of you who want to help and make a difference. Simply see below to find out how.                

Mindy Konrath
 Executive Director 

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With gratitude to donors!

For the past several years, it has been popular to create gratitude posts every day in November leading up to Thanksgiving.  I haven’t seen many people doing that this year, although I would argue this is the year we all need to be appreciating what we have!   If 2020 has taught us anything, I hope it would be gratitude – gratitude for health, family, friends, provisions – all the things we tend to take for granted!

At Prevail, we want to take this time to express gratitude for those in the community who support us in so many ways – volunteers, donors, staff, those who keep us in their thoughts and prayers.  Survivors of crime and abuse do not get the critical, life-saving access to hope and healing without you supporting that work!  So, this post is to thank you for all you do.

We know that our donors are amazing, generous people and want to help in ways that are meaningful.  With all gratitude in our hearts, we thought you might be interested in the best ways to support Prevail that allow us to serve victims of crime and abuse in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

  • Cash donations are critical to our work. Cash donations allow us to spend efficiently and effectively – often taking advantage of bulk buying or nonprofit discounts.
    • We can most efficiently use your cash donation when we receive a check in the mail. We do not need to use any of your donation for fees when you send us a donation this way. This can happen if you have a checkbook, but could also happen if you no longer use checks!  You can log in to your bank’s bill pay system and make a payment to Prevail.  Even better – set this up as a monthly payment!  Your monthly donations provide a consistent stream of income that is predictable for us, so we can budget it. 
    • Online donations are another great way to send donations! Remember that there is a fee for this, and that fee reduces your donation to the agency. It is easy to set up monthly donations this way, as well. 
  • Gift cards are another way to provide support and flexibility! Most often, gift cards are given to Prevail to support clients directly. Gift cards are helpful because they are easy to store and they always provide the right size or right product at the right time.  So, when we have a client who needs soap and shampoo, but they are allergic to a common ingredient in soap and need a particular brand – a gift card did not take up any room in our storage and provides the exact right brand the client needed.  Gift cards are a great way to ensure that your donation will go directly to a client.
  • We welcome donations of items from our Wish List. You can find that on our website and we do our best to keep it updated with our most urgent needs.
  • We LOVE our volunteers! If you have time to give, please let us know and we can connect you with a need here at Prevail.
  • In addition to time, talent, and treasure – we appreciate your testimony! This could be as a member of our Speaker’s Bureau for those who have a survivor story; but could also be telling your family and friends about Prevail. We want people who need our services to know about us!  We also love giving tours, providing training, and telling people about Prevail and what we do.  So, please talk about us and invite us to do the talking!

Bottom line – none of this happens without your support!  At this time of year, and always, we send gratitude for all of the ways you support victims of crime and abuse here at Prevail!

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