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Just as every person, situation, and story is unique, there is no one path that fits everyone. Advocates know it can feel scary, but believe in you. They care about your safety. Advocates understand the impact of trauma. This means that they listen, are empathetic, and focused on empowering you. They can meet with you one-on-one. Confidentiality is important. Advocates are clear about what they can keep private and what they are required to report. Advocates can help you to navigate the systems and people you might be involved with like: the prosecutor, police, Department of Child Services, school officials, court, etc. Advocates can link you to other supports like mental health, housing, food, legal, transportation, and more. When you decide on your next steps, you won’t be alone.
When trauma happens, it impacts the whole family. Advocates work with children who have witnessed or experienced trauma and support the siblings of children who have experienced trauma.
Please note: Advocates are not therapists, counselors, psychologists, or lawyers. They cannot diagnose mental health conditions or provide medications. Advocates cannot provide legal counsel or recommendations. They can provide you resources about therapists and lawyers in the area that may be able to support you.

Prevail offers services FREE OF CHARGE to victims and their families. Contact us today for more information.

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