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Join a Support Group (Youth)

It’s true: there is strength in numbers. Each week, Prevail offers many support groups to connect people together that have gone through similar experiences. We host groups in our office and at some local schools. Our support groups focus on education and support. We want to empower kids with knowledge. We teach about coping skills, how their brains react when they experience trauma, safety tips, how to build healthy relationships, and develop a more positive and assured version of themselves. Group also helps them know they are not alone. Here, we can validate their feelings and reactions. Group members will never be asked about specific details of their experiences.

When trauma happens, it impacts the whole family. We have support groups for parents/guardians whose children have experienced trauma. There is strength in numbers for you too. The reactions of parents/guardians to a disclosure of trauma has a powerful impact on children. It is also common that parents/guardians might have also experienced their own trauma. We are here to support you as you support you child.


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