Court Advocacy

Services - Court Support

Scales of Justice for victims of ViolenceMany victims of crime are unsure of the court process, are not notified of important aspects of their case and, therefore, fail to participate in an event very personal to them. Prevail’s Victim Notification Program educates crime victims about the criminal justice system by creating a variety of educational resources and offering access to knowledgeable personnel.

Specifically, the program:

  • Keeps the victim informed of activity on their case within the criminal justice process
  • Assists the victim in locating and contacting the appropriate agency to access more detailed information regarding their case
  • Serves as the liaison between prosecutor and victim
  • Helps victims prepare a Victim Impact Statement
  • Keeps agencies current on victim locations so they can fulfill statutory requirements regarding victim notification.
"I appreciate the understanding, acceptance and patience I'm shown. I appreciate being allowed to grieve and experience the full range of emotions I have while still being treated like I am okay and capable of recovering. I appreciate that I am believed about what has happened and it is not minimized. I appreciate being treated with kindness and respect, not pity or with lots of advice; more exposed to ideas, allowed to process and encouraged to act as I see fit and supported throughout the experience of it all."