Victim Impact Panel

To help deter repeat offenses, Prevail partners with the Hamilton County Probation Department in providing quarterly Victim Impact Panels. All first-time offenders arrested for alcohol or drug related offenses while operating a motor vehicle are mandated to attend. Powerful presentations from individuals, – both victims and perpetrators – affected by drunk driving highlight how an individual’s actions can have far reaching effects. The goal of the program is to impact the participants’ awareness about drunk driving in hopes of deterring similar incidents in the future.

All sessions are held at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds and begin at 7:00pm. Contact Kelsey Kanne, at 317-773-6942 or for more information.

"This experience changed my life. I've learned so much on this journey and I owe it all to Prevail. They care in ways that I have never seen before. Words can’t describe how exceptional the services are. You will find this nowhere else."