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100 Men Home Repair Blitz

Neighborhoods struggling with physical decline often experience higher rates of crime, but small changes and cooperation among neighbors can help make communities safer.

Researchers have spent decades studying the link between physical environments and violence prevention.  They have found that while violence increases in unmaintained areas, simple changes like repairing and maintaining homes, businesses, and landscaping increase feelings of pride and belonging, leading to greater safety and security.

On October 19 and October 20, Prevail’s 100 Men Campaign will work with homeowners in Hamilton County to repair, restore, and beautify several homes in order to improve the functionality and appearance and provide a more pleasant environment for all.  Volunteers will work to complete a variety of projects at each home.  Projects may include painting, winterizing, landscaping, trash removal, and other services that may be necessary.  The more volunteers we have, the more homes we can reach and the greater impact we can make!

We believe when we work together, we can make our community stronger, safer, and more supportive.  Will you join us?

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Event Date 10-19-2018

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