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Raise the Bar / Bystander Intervention Training

Raise the Bar Indiana ProgramRaise the Bar Indiana provides bystander intervention training for bar employees and owners, equipping bar staff with the tools and knowledge needed to recognize signs of perpetration, victimization, and assault, as well as the ability to safely intervene and prevent violence.

The program is modeled after several similar programs across the country. It is designed to train and educate bar employees on drug-facilitated sexual assaults and bystander intervention. Our overall goal is to empower bar employees to take a stand against sexual assault and assist victims/potential victims within their establishment.

The training includes scenarios where employees can discuss how they would respond and allow for questions, corrections, and  discussion. During the training we do a “safety mapping” activity with the employees, identifying areas in and outside the bar that may be unsafe—such as a dark corner near the bathroom with no camera. We then discuss how we can increase safety in some of the areas identified—for example having an employee walk by the dark corner every ten minutes.

By the end of the training, we hope that bar staff will be more aware of safety issues for themselves and patrons, and feel confident in taking appropriate action when that safety is jeopardized. We want all Hoosiers to enjoy their drinks in a safe environment, and we need your help to create those environments.

To schedule a training for a safer establishment, contact Kelly Growden at 317-773-6942 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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