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Prevail Speakers' Bureau

For those survivors who have been out of services for a year or more who feel passionate and driven to share their experience with others, Prevail has created a Speakers Bureau.

The Speakers' Bureau Mission/Purpose:

Passionately committed to empowering survivors and educating our community to remove stigmas and reduce violence, we share our stories to help others.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Through courageously sharing our stories we provide a voice for those that are voiceless, elicit hope for those who feel hopeless, and build strength within ourselves; through the power of vulnerability and purpose.
  2. Knowledge = Power:  We believe in the value of educating others about sexual assault, domestic violence, and crimes that affect our community.  Our goal is to enhance awareness and broaden perspectives – so more people join us in changing the future.
  3. We understand that each of our personal journeys continues on a path moving forward.  The mindset and culture of the audience must be aligned with our purpose; it’s okay to say no.

Speakers' Bureau Application:

Click here to download the Speakers' Bureau Application

Contact Brittany Winebar at 317-773-6942 or bwinebarThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.org for more information.

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